Gyrator 600

The Gyratory screener from Palamatic Process come in 3 models depending on desired flow rate, suitable for food, pharmaceutical, chemical and synthetic industries.The Gyrator ensures clean product without lumps or foreign bodies and protects the production line from mechanical damage, in return providing a high quality end product.

Cryloc Rotary Screen


The Cryloc Rotary Screen can be found in grain and bulk processing plants across the globe, The wide capacity range makes the Cryloc an essential sifter for the dry cereal processing industry.The two screen decks are specially designed for hammer mills, which grind on different sieve perforations or in combination with a crumbled.Located within the […]

MTS Tumbler

MTS Screener

The MTS Tumbler is circular in construction with a central material feed, particularly suitable for very lightens materials.Well suited to food safe applications due to its circular construction and U-shaped silicon gaskets which enable easy fitting, the MTS Screener benefits from a motion which is independent of throughput and its patented adjustment system allows the […]


Low-profile screener

The Low-Profile Separator from Midwestern Industries features a flow-through design effective for high capacity screening of dry and wet scalping applications.The compact design allows the Low-Profile unit to easily be incorporated to existing product lines or be placed in tight spaces on the shop floor, it is also an extremely good option for mobile classification […]

MGS Inclined Screen

Meka MS

MEKA’s MGS Inclined Screens provide screening efficiency that is both high quality and dependable, designed upon a non-welded frame with adjustable vibration features for different material types and screening sizes.The MGS Series inclined screens come in various sizes starting from 2 m² up to 16 m² and are equipped with up to four decks that […]


512R Trommel

The 512R Trommel provides the functionality of a highly successful screener with McCloskey’s patented radial conveyor. The 512 Trommel’s are best suited for mid-size operations requiring portability and proven screening performance. Available in diesel and electric the 512R’s radial conveyor delivers more efficient stockpiling of material. The environmentally friendly electric model reduces costs, and is […]

RM HS Series


The screens in the RM HS series are durable, robust and high-performance machines which are also designed to handle heavy duty jobs. Whether it is blasted rock or bulky demolition material, thanks to their high volume throughput the RM HS series screens minimise material handling and deliver clean end products.


Kompmatto 104

The KOMPATTO 104 is an affordable entry level screen ideally suited for small to medium sized operators and contractors who require a versatile product capable of operating in a number of applications such as sand and gravel, aggregates and recycling.With its rapid set up time, ease of operation and features such as A high performance […]


CROSS-FLO by Kason Corporation’s static sieve screeners and separators offer the perfect combination of high-performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.They have been utilized by a diverse range of customers in the brewing, food production, industrial, and chemical industries.The industry-leading static sieve screeners and static sieve separators have been designed to offer consistent screening at high rates, while […]

Mobile Separating Sieve


The Mobile Separating Sieve by Isimsan are primarily used to separate fine bulk products according to particle size.They separate one or more groups with the defined particle distribution, and classify them if there are other properties associated with the particle size (e.g. flour and bran). The product that is intended to be separated is moved […]