Understanding Screening

Screening Motions, What Are They ?

With the continued advancements in technology, engineering and science, new and improved methods of screening & screening motions are appearing to challenge the historic methods.

Manufacturers are investing in the research & development of new designs and advancements to offer the best solutions to problems faced by specific industries. 

Our Industries Page explains the challenges faced by buyers in different industries and the benefits of using tailored motions. 

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Linear inclined

Operating between 10-35 degrees, it is one of the most popular methods of screening, due to its huge versatility and simplicity in design.

Linear horizontal

Operating between 0-10 degrees, the linear horizontal screener is extremely adaptable despite its non conventional design.


Commonly used for classification, sifting and separation of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foods and minerals the Circular screener is extremely efficient and hygienic in design.


Known for their superiority in classification, the elliptical screener combines both the advantages of circular and linear motions whilst saving on space with high feed rates.


Also known as rotary, this motion is defined by a cylindrical drum with perforated mesh, commonly elevated to 5 degrees. benefitting from being vibration free, they are designed to handle large capacities and are ideal for sticky. moist materials.

Gyratory reciprocating

A newer method, this motion combines the benefits of circular, elliptical and reciprocating motions to eliminate the need for screen blinding and provide extremely high yields.


Commonly compared to hand screening used in the gold industry is extremely hygienic and is a space saving and low noise option in comparison to other motions.

Ultra high frequency

Commonly used in the mineral processing industry due to their ability to separate feeds containing solid and crushed ores to less than 200μm in size.