Micronised Industrial Materials Screeners

Micronised Industrial Material Screener

Commonly, Tumbler screeners are utilised in the screening and fractioning of fine powders due to their increased surface contact however vibratory screeners are ideal for sticky products or products prone to agglomeration.

The separation of micronised materials, those that are less than 10 microns in diameter comes with significant challenges. Micronised powders are commonly used in catalysts, pigments and biopolymers and more. 

Micronised industrial material screeners need to conform to the following criteria to be suitable:

High Precision

High Surface Contact

High Stratification on Screen Media

Specialised Screen Media 

With the ever increasing use of micronised materials in industries such as the pharmaceutical industry, numerous manufacturers across the globe are competing to produce screeners with unique new technologies and screening methods to stand out as the best producer of Micronised Industrial Material Screeners.

By finding the manufacturer who has dedicated their research and development specifically for the Food industry in turn provides significant benefits.

Ersel have produced their cost effective and easy maintenance Tumbler Screening Machine specifically with micronised industrial materials in mind. Specifically for materials such as Quarts, Calcite, Limestone, Felspar, Plaster, Dolomite & Talc. The use of a tumbler motion creates  increased stratification and in turn higher levels of surface contact for materials that are less likely to agglomerate.

Minox produced their MTS Tumbler with high efficiency and precision in mind and in turn creating high throughputs.  Their combination of high-tech 3D motions and unique anti-blinding devices present materials to screen the surface efficiently and keep the holes open for the best possible results. The use of unique anti-blinding devices such as “air knives” allows prospective plants to utilise Tumbler technology on sticky products that would normally be screened using Vibratory Screeners. This creates higher levels of surface screen contact.



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