Tumbler Screener

What Are Tumbler Screeners

Commonly compared to the traditional hand screening used in the gold industry, the feed product is continuously fed into the top of the circular screen design. 

The material then disperses evenly to the outside of the screen across the whole screen surface. The Particles that are finer will pass through the screen mesh at the centre and core with the oversized particles spreading out to the edges of the screen.

As the material is moved in a spiral pattern with increased acceleration of the particles the further they move from the epicentre, the more vibration is inflicted on the particles ensuring that even the particles sized the same as the mesh openings pass through the screen.

The separated particles then pass to a discharge exit at the lateral outlets. The addition of numerous decks can create a system that produces numerous fractions from one cycle. With each undersized particle passing through each subsequent deck.

Ultimate Tumbler Screener

What Are The Benefits of Tumbler Screens?

Extremely high screening efficiency obtainable through individually adjustable retention time for any product and capacity 

Easily adapted for numerous fractions and easy to take apart to change screen mesh for different applications

Extremely hygienic with no dead corners causing a build up of bacteria or hard to clean areas and easy to dismantle for thorough cleaning 

Low noise option compared to other screening motions or designs 

Space-saving design which is extremely portable suitable for tight spaces or changing environments



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