Plastics Separators

Plastic Separation

Plastics, polymers and rubber are versatile materials that can be combined with a variety of additives during manufacture, to deliver a range of properties and final products. They can be supplied as beads, pellets, powder, granules and flakes before the production process, the most common being injection molding or extrusion. Some of these products, particularly plastic granules, are commonly made from recycled plastics.

However, before being used in production, these base materials must be screened to safeguard the final product.

Ensuring consistency of particle size, safeguards the final quality of the product and as such it is extremely important that the screener used is extremely efficient.

By finding the manufacturer who has dedicated their research and development specifically for the Food industry in turn provides significant benefits.

The Russel Finex Separator specialises in the production of oversized materials and dusts to provide high quality polymer screening. With the ability to provide unto 5 fractions in one unit, maximum efficiency can be achieved ensuring a final product can be produced from one individual feed.

Gough Engineering produced their Vibrecon Pellet Screener by adapting their classic Vibrecon Screener specifically for use in the production of plastic pellets. With a focus on reliability and thorough screening and is available with special lowered declare so the unit can fit directly below pre-installed Pelletier output chutes. The simple and robust design continues to function with very little mechanical intervention and is available in a wide range of sizes.


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