Pharmaceuticals Screeners

Pharmaceutical Screeners

Screening is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure contaminants are removed and consistency of active ingredients if of the highest levels.

A sieve, screener or separator is essential in every pharmaceutical production process, particularly as product quality and integrity are so important. Having to recall a pharmaceutical product because of a quality defect or safety issue can damage the reputation of any manufacturer.

As such, the screener takes on an extremely important role and needs the ability to overcome the following challenges:

Sanitary Regulations

Highest Demands for Precision & Accuracy

Highest Demands for Reliability

These criteria are what numerous manufacturers across the globe are competing to encompass with unique new technologies and screening methods to stand out as the best producer of Pharmaceutical Screeners.

By finding the manufacturer who has dedicated their research and development specifically for the Pharmaceutical industry in turn provides significant benefits.

Russell Finex’s, Compact Sieve is specifically suited for the use with Excipients such as lactose, starch and MCC used in the formulation of tablets, capsules or sachets. The Russell Compact Sieve is used to safety screen excipients ensuring high product quality and removal of oversized contaminants such as packaging due to its high quality vibratory motion. It is specifically designed to be easy to strip down and clean between batches with no tools necessary.


VibraScreener have produced their range of screeners specifically with easy connectivity for dust hood connections that collect the dust used during screening which can be harmful to the health of the operator or environment. When using a vibratory screener to classify powders in the pharmaceutical industry the collection of chemical and pharmaceutical powder within the system is extremely important.


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