Gyrator 600

The Gyratory screener from Palamatic Process come in 3 models depending on desired flow rate, suitable for food, pharmaceutical, chemical and synthetic industries.The Gyrator ensures clean product without lumps or foreign bodies and protects the production line from mechanical damage, in return providing a high quality end product.

MTS Tumbler

MTS Screener

The MTS Tumbler is circular in construction with a central material feed, particularly suitable for very lightens materials.Well suited to food safe applications due to its circular construction and U-shaped silicon gaskets which enable easy fitting, the MTS Screener benefits from a motion which is independent of throughput and its patented adjustment system allows the […]


Low-profile screener

The Low-Profile Separator from Midwestern Industries features a flow-through design effective for high capacity screening of dry and wet scalping applications.The compact design allows the Low-Profile unit to easily be incorporated to existing product lines or be placed in tight spaces on the shop floor, it is also an extremely good option for mobile classification […]

VS Series

VS Series SIebtechnik

VS series, is a standard solution in the field of vibration screening machines to complement which individual solutions can also be developed.This is made possible by the modular system. As a result technology can be specific to how you actually operate in daily practice.The VS series machines are also characterised by design advantages and simple […]

JEL Freischwinger Granulat

JEL Freischwinger Granulat

JEL Freischwinger Granulat is a specialist sieve for the separation of incorrect grains in granulate.The granulate sieve machine of the JEL Freischwinger model range was designed for optimum separation of over-length grains in all current plastic granulates. Sieve inserts arranged above each other as a cascade enable multiple sieving of the granulate and thus sieving […]

Mobile Separating Sieve


The Mobile Separating Sieve by Isimsan are primarily used to separate fine bulk products according to particle size.They separate one or more groups with the defined particle distribution, and classify them if there are other properties associated with the particle size (e.g. flour and bran). The product that is intended to be separated is moved […]

HS Free Swinging Sifter

The HS Free Swinging Sifter from Great Western is one of the most proven and dependable free-swinging sifter in the industry, designed specifically for applications with large screen area requirements and multiple separations. The high-capacity sifter is available in 2, 4, 6, or 8 sections, allowing for thirty or more sieves per section. Each machine […]

Gough Vibrecon Separator

Gough Vibrecon

The Gough Vibrecon Separator is designed for pharmaceutical & chemical processing, guaranteeing accurate and complete sifting and separations. The Gough Vibrecon (Sanitary) Separator has been specifically developed top meet the very stringent engineering finish and design specifications required by the Food, Pharmaceutical and Allied Industries.The machine is powered by a standard centrally mounted, flanged motor […]

Ultimate Tumbler Screener

Ultimate Tumbler Screener

The movement of a tumbler screener is often compared with simple hand screening similar to the “gold washing pan”. The heart of the Ultimate Tumbler Screener is the patented 3D adjustment system used in setting the individual retention time of any product that needs to be screened. The main shaft is driven by V-belts and […]

Centrifugal Sifter GS

Gericke Centrifgual Sifter

The centrifugal sifter from Gericke is a rotary sieving machine with a primary focus of separating particles of different sizes into two product streams. Thus removing tramp and oversize materials. Gericke’s rotary sifters are specifically designed to meet the increasing demands of modern applications and processes. The machine range, sizes, features and configurations can be optimised […]