Gyratory Reciprocating Screener

What Is Gyratory Reciprocating Motion ?

Gyratory Reciprocating screening is a newer method of technology combining the benefits of circular, elliptical and reciprocating motions. 

The screener gradually transitions along the length of the screener, starting off as purely gyratory motion at the head, moving to elliptical movement in the centre and then reverting back to reciprocating towards the end of the machine.

The circular motion at the feed end, spreads the material across the full width of the screen and hence stratifies the material. The Elliptical motion at the centre enhances product stratification through long stroke elliptical action. The reciprocating motion at the discharge end removes near-size particles improving screening efficiency.


What Are The Benefits ?

Eliminates Screen Blinding

The use of numerous motions reduces the material blinding and when coupled with bouncing balls or other anti-blinding solutions, material blinding is virtually non-existent.

Increased Efficiency 

The unique motion is designed to give undersized material maximum opportunities to pass through the mesh openings without the loss of near-size materials and hence reduces efficiency.

Higher Yields

The use of three motions provides efficient distribution, stratification and separation resulting in higher yields and less rejection of good material.


Gyratory Reciprocating Screeners are unique in their method of vibrations and are extremely versatile, widely used in chemical, agricultural, food, medicine, mineral, plastic and recycling industries plus many more.


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