Circular Screeners

What Are Circular Screeners?

Circular Screeners are one of the most common types of machines produced for classification, sifting and separation of products  such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foods, minerals and other powders and granules. 

Circular vibrators typically utilise vibratory motions and concise of one or more horizontal screens mounted in round frames with ring clamps. When multiple screens are utilised the atonal decks are stacked so that the screen with the largest mesh openings is located at the top with the deck with the smallest mesh openings located at the bottom of the stack.

When used in operation the feed material is inserted into the top of the screener as an eccentric-weight drive mechanism applies horizontal and vertical vibrations to the screens promoting the flow of the material through the deck/s. The vibrations cause the material that fits through the mesh opening of that deck to drop through. Any particles that are unable to pass through the mesh openings travel across the screen to a discharge exit where they can be collected. 

VS Series SIebtechnik

What Are The Benefits of Using Circular Screeners?


Circular screeners are easily dismantled for cleaning and replacing of screens and hence are more suitable for high sanitary environments. Circular Screeners are also more hygienic than their sister rectangular screeners as they have fewer corners and areas where bacteria can accumulate and contaminate products.

Accuracy & Efficiency of Classification

Circular screeners are known for their high levels accuracy and efficiency when screening everything from granules to bulky solids or fine powders. 

Suitable For Difficult To Screen Products

When materials are used that are difficult to historically screen, circular screeners offer the ability to reverse the spindle so the vibration direction can be reversed and is in the opposite direction to the moving material, thereby improving the quality of the screen.

Smaller Footprint

If you are working with more limited space, circular screeners offer a much smaller footprint compared to rectangular screeners and also are more portable for plants that require frequent movements.



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