Ultimate Tumbler Screener

Ultimate Tumbler Screener

The movement of a tumbler screener is often compared with simple hand screening similar to the “gold washing pan”. The heart of the Ultimate Tumbler Screener is the patented 3D adjustment system used in setting the individual retention time of any product that needs to be screened. The main shaft is driven by V-belts and […]

Eriez Vibratory Screeners

Eriez Vibratory Screener

Eriez’ Vibratory Screeners provide solutions to industry’s demand for dependable material separation at an affordable price. The wide range of models available allows selection of units for specific and unique material application requirements. These ideal machines are available for processing slurries, waste water, minerals, chemicals and other dry or dewatering applications.

Dynamic Disc Screening

The Ecostar patented technology that revolutionizes the waste separation sector. Particularly efficient on materials such as compost, wood, biomass, metals, tires, glass, car fluff, RDF/SRF, construction and demolition debris, ash, and inerts. Unique in its kind, DDS is based on a series of shafts equipped with hexagonal or octagonal discs, with a flat profile, made […]

Abon Rollerscreen

ABON® Rollerscreens offer a low maintenance, high efficiency screening option with a non vibratory, compact, low profile footprint. ABON Rollerscreens are available in primary, secondary and tertiary options. High productivity and reliability are fundamental to profitability.They pride themselves on giving high performance, reliability and easy maintenance. All ABON® Rollerscreens are precision machined and have modular […]

ATLAS Gyratory Sifter


The SWECO ATLAS Gyratory Sifter is the biggest sifter SWECO have offered yet, offering high capacity screening in a low maintenance, operator-friendly design. The horizontal, uniform gyratory motion of the ATLAS provides the highest performance per screen area available on the market, which means sharper separations, higher volume, exceptional screen cleaning, low dynamic force and […]

Derrick® Dry Screeners

Derrick® Dry Sizing machines have been providing the industrial minerals industry solutions for fine dry screening application for over 60 years. Traditional Derrick dry sizing machines have utilized high speed, low amplitude, vertical elliptical motion to solve countless difficult mineral sizing challenges. Derrick’s commitment to pioneering technology has resulted in the recent evolution of dry screening […]

Resonance Screen

The resonance screen is guided by a link arm and works on the ejection principle. The eccentric drive mobilises two isometric oscillating beams mounted in rubber sleeves which move linearly. The connecting rods of the drive system are arranged on elastic mainsprings which supply the vibration system with as much energy as is necessary for […]



The Hi-Cline is a process screener designed for high capacity screening in phosphatic fertilizer production. A Hi-Cline transmits high-frequency vibrations to the screens, resulting in rapid product separation and effective blinding/pegging control. An ideal solution for the effective process screening of mono ammonium phosphate (MAP) and diammonium phosphate (DAP).

APEX Industrial Screener


The APEX industrial screener boasts extremely precise product separations (thanks to Gyratory Reciprocating Motion) and a sleek ergonomic design that enables one-person inspections and maintenance. Increase profitability and safety while decreasing downtime with APEX. Tailored specifically for the agricultural industry.



The Minerals Separator™/MEGATEX XD™ provide industrial screening for high-volume applications with extremely accurate separations. These multilevel separators feature stacked designs for smaller footprints and were engineered to withstand the harshest of conditions.