Screena Mobile Separator

The Screena is an innovative solution specifically designed for the screening of materials in many diverse environments and industries. With locking, easily interchangeable screens (ranging from 6mm -50mm), you can select what works for your job and have it set up in minutes. While being a sturdy unit at just under 200kg, the SCREENA is […]

Lohse Sand Separator

Sand Seperator

The sand separators are used for heavy dirt separation or sand classification from suspensions. Wires and sheet metal pieces, especially small granular particles such as glass and sand particles, are excreted.

Astec High Frequency Screen

Astec High Frequency

Astec High Frequency Screens utilise high-speed vibration allowing for increased stratification of the screen media. The directly-induced vibration improves screen efficiency at high production rates compared to conventional screens. A unique rotary tensioning system provides the quickest screen media changes in the market, up to 50 percent faster than competitive models. Our high frequency screens […]



The mobile screen for coarse elements MOBISCREEN MSS 802 EVO is ideally prepared for changing work sites and new applicational challenges for screening plants.The large range of screen surfaces and the simple setting of screening parameters make it possible to adapt the MSS 802 EVO easily to new application conditions.The operation of the MSS 802(i) […]

Vibra-Drum Screener

Vibra Drum Screener

Proven through hundreds of applications worldwide, the Vibra-Drum Screener sand and casting processors have revolutionised high volume hold/sand screening for foundry applications. The versatile two-mass system reduces lumps of sand to grain size quickly through an equalised shakeout of sand temperatures whilst not damaging the castings, all through one continuous energy-efficient operation.Natural frequency vibrations create […]