Sweco HX™

HX Sweco

The SWECO HX™ Series Round Separator improves technology and performance while increasing safety and simplifying clean-up and maintenance. The new HX features the ProGlide™, a new top and bottom “no-tools” weight system, which presents fine proportional motion adjustment, enabling the user to move a single weight set radially to dial in on the optimal horizontal […]

Terra Select T60

Terra Select t60

The TERRA SELECT T 60 mobile screening system / drum screen combines the highest throughputs with user-oriented design. With the TERRA SELECT T 60, you opt for a real powerhouse! The powerful industrial diesel engine of the mobile screening plant is fuel-saving and energy efficient. The power reserves of the unit also ensure the reliable operation of […]

Dynamic Disc Screening

The Ecostar patented technology that revolutionizes the waste separation sector. Particularly efficient on materials such as compost, wood, biomass, metals, tires, glass, car fluff, RDF/SRF, construction and demolition debris, ash, and inerts. Unique in its kind, DDS is based on a series of shafts equipped with hexagonal or octagonal discs, with a flat profile, made […]

BM&M Super Screen


BM&M Screening Solutions’ Super Screen system utilizes a high-speed, horizontal gyratory design that is dynamically balanced to allow for greater screening speeds and larger strokes than conventional sifters and screeners. The Super Screen is a high speed linear gyratory design that is balanced dynamically to allow greater speeds and higher stroked than conventional sifters and […]


ANDRITZ rotating drum screens are easy to install (plug and play) and only require a small investment.  Extra fine screening mesh allows a much better final product (sludge and effluent) to be obtained from the WWTP (less non-biodegradable waste), which is important in the event of an agricultural evaluation of the sludge and reject standards […]



The Hi-Cline is a process screener designed for high capacity screening in phosphatic fertilizer production. A Hi-Cline transmits high-frequency vibrations to the screens, resulting in rapid product separation and effective blinding/pegging control. An ideal solution for the effective process screening of mono ammonium phosphate (MAP) and diammonium phosphate (DAP).



The APEX industrial screener boasts extremely precise product separations (thanks to Gyratory Reciprocating Motion) and a sleek ergonomic design that enables one-person inspections and maintenance. Increase profitability and safety while decreasing downtime with APEX. Tailored specifically for the agricultural industry.



The Minerals Separator™/MEGATEX XD™ provide industrial screening for high-volume applications with extremely accurate separations. These multilevel separators feature stacked designs for smaller footprints and were engineered to withstand the harshest of conditions.