Wastewater Screening

Wastewater Treatment Recycling

Wastewater Screening is the first unit operation in all wastewater treatment plants. Screen is the device used to retain solids found in the influent wastewater to the treatment plant. The main purpose of screening is to remove solid materials that could:

Cause damage to other process equipment.

Cause reduction in efficiency of the whole system

Contaminate waterways

These are problems that numerous suppliers across the globe are competing to resolve with unique new technologies and screening methods. 

By finding the manufacturer who has dedicated their research and development specifically for the agricultural industry provides significant benefits.

Huber’s Rotamat screener benefits from a unique patented design that combines, screening, washing, transport, compaction and dewatering in a single unit. The screener is either installed directly into the channels or are supplied as tank-mounted units with an inclination of 35 degrees.

Franklin Miller have produced a screener that combines two proven technologies benefits into one effective system: the Spiralift screening and conveying system and a high performance Taskmaster grinder. The system screens, washes, transports and dewaters solids entrained in the wastewater flow.


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