Fertiliser Screeners

Fertiliser Screeners

You wouldn’t use fresh manure on unharvested crops, don’t use a mining screener for fertiliser

Screeners are a key piece of equipment for sieving organic fertiliser and compound fertiliser. They are used in grouping finished products and unqualified products for reprocessing. Screening machine are also used in classifying the finished product by grade. 

Numerous different manufacturers of screeners compete across the globe to produce a screener that performs best for fertiliser and different technological advancements mean more and more manufacturers are emerging with novel solutions to problems within the fertiliser industry.

By finding the manufacturer who has dedicated their research and development specifically for the fertiliser industry provides significant benefits.

 RHEWUM for example have focused their research and development of their RHESono with NPK fertilisers in mind. With the importance of uniform grain distribution in mind to ensure optimum throwing distance of the fertiliser the RHESono is capable of screening several fractions at high volumes all within a static housing with screen mesh that is specifically designed to not clog up with NPK fertilisers.

Vibrascreener offer a heavy-duty shale shaker that uses high frequency, multimotion vibrations, the LX Solids Separator to separate liquids and solids and classify solid particles by size making it the perfect fit for classifying fertiliser by grade.

FlipScreen have developed a completely different machine, one that combines all the benefits of traditional screeners but that can be attached directly to standard excavators. Perfect for changing environments or processing finished products and unfinished products for reprocessing.


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