Recycling Screeners

Recycling Screeners

From custom built Trommels to more aggressive and village sized screening plants, separation is fundamental in every type of recycling. 

Recycling screening is the practice of taking waste materials and separating them out into multiple grades, depending on the size of the objects. A screening machine usually consists of a drive which vibrates the recyclables, a screen cloth for the separation, and a deck which the screen cloth is held on.

Recycling screening has now in the majority replaced manual labour however due to the extreme diversity of products recycled, finding a screener that has been produced by a manufacturer specifically for your application can pay significant dividends.

The Kompatto 104 is an affordable entry level screen ideally suited to small & medium sized business produced by Komplet. Capable of operating in a number of of applications such as sand and gravel, aggregates and recycling. With its rapid set up time, ease of operation and features and features such as a high performance double deck screen box and two hydraulic folding stockpile conveyors as standard this solution can provide feed rates of uptown 250tons/hour.

Mace Industries have created an innovative solution for mobile recycling sites with their product the Screena. With locking, easily interchangeable screens you can select and change what works for each individual job and change the whole set up in minutes. Their singular motion oscillating mounts allow for a superior linear screening motion and are totally maintenance free for life.


The Grizzly Screens range by JVI are a heavy duty solution provided for over 25 years for efficiently screening oversized materials of high tensile strengths. Benefitting from a simple rugged single mass design for handling abrasive products in harsh applications they eliminate natural frequency tuning issues and ensure they consistently screen difficult products whether they are wet, sticky or frozen.


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