Trommel Screener

What Is A Trommel Screener ?

A Trommel screen, also known as a rotary screen consists of a cylindrical shaped drum with perforated mesh openings that is commonly elevated at an angle at the feed end of around 5 degrees.

Commonly used for classification the screener separates the screen media as the feed material spirals down the drum, where the undersized material is expressed through the apertures in the screen and the oversized material is excreted at a discharge exit at the opposite end of the drum.

Commonly found in either parallel, series or concentric screens depending on the application the screen is used for. 

Extremely suitable for the municipal waste industry in the classification of solid waste or in the improvement of fuel-derived solid waste, the Trommel screener is versatile and can also be used for the grading of raw materials in mineral processing and many other industries.


Vibra Drum Screener

What Are The Benefits Of Trommel Screening?

Vibration Free

Unlike the majority of other methods of screening available, Trommel Screeners are vibration free which causes less noise. They are also immune to vibration prone issues on mechanical parts seen with other screeners.

Versatile With Screen Media

Trommel Screens can handle a wide range of materials and products and can easily break up more compacted materials that is more difficult to screen through vibration screeners.

Huge Capacities

Built to handle huge capacities it is not unheard of for Trommel Screeners to take on feed rates of uptown 50 tons per hour from a single unit.

Ideal For Sticky, Moist Materials

Often equipped with a cleaning brush on the drum, the mesh stays clean and the drum action is better at ‘beating” a feed ion comparison to other methods and results in a reduction of overs.


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