Elliptical Screeners

What Is An Elliptical Screener?

Known for their superiority for classification applications, the elliptical screener combines both the advantages of circular and linear motions whilst also saving on space in horizontal installation with a high feed rate. 

In comparison to the traditional linear vibratory screener, which causes difficulty in particles loosening and low screening efficiency, the Elliptical screener trajectory is regulated to adapt the material mass along the direction of the screen length. This improving the particle distribution, efficiency and accuracy 

As elliptical screeners can easily modify the throw angle and by adaptation of parameters important for acceleration of the machine such as the vibration, amplitude and speed the screens can be selectively varied and adapted to specific changes in operating conditions.


What Are The Benefits Of Using Elliptical Motion?

  • Combines the advantages of circular-and linear vibrators
  • Perfect for notoriously hard to screen products
  • Creates a thin material bed with rapid stratification 
  • Easy adaptation of the vibration characteristic to suit the requirements of the product
  • High separating accuracy during classification
  • Precise, careful screening
  • Good vibration insulation
  • Compact size


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