Paper & Pulp Screeners

Paper & Pulp Screening

Paper & Pulp Screening is essential in the industry to remove coarse fibres, dirt or contaminants from the end product once it has finished in the washing section of production.

There are various factor that effects on screening performance such as stock consistency, type of fiber, type and size of holes, type of plate cleaning mechanism, level of coarse fiber and foreign matter, rejection rate, flow configuration, flow rate, stock temperature etc.

Effective screening will increase the production of any paper/pulp plant significantly but selecting the correct screener can further this. 

Screeners for the Paper & Pulp industry need to reflect the following qualities:





Screening has been used in the paper & pulp industry since most manufacturers inception and hence there are a wide variety of manufacturers competing to offer the best solution to any factor of consistency or type of fibre. Most of which tailor their products to each specific type of feed. 

By finding the manufacturer who has dedicated their research and development specifically for the Feed industry provides significant benefits

The HX by Sweco features the unique ProGlide, a new top and bottom “no-tools” weight system, which presents fine proportional motion adjustment, enabling the user to move a single weight set radially to dial in on the optimal horizontal and vertical amplitude and force to improve efficiency and throughput. This model is perfect for the use in fine classification for paper & pulp production.

The ARSM screener produced by Allgaier is a classic within the paper & pulp industry due to its high adaptability, maximum efficiency & high levels of plant availability, capable of uptown 350m3/h feed rates it is a great option for fibre separation in the production of paper & pulp.

Finding the screener best suited for your specific requirements couldn’t be easier with Messe365, simply select Pharmaceutical from the machine evaluation below and compare manufacturers from across the globe who specialise in the production of pharmaceutical screeners.


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