Minerals Screeners

Mineral Screening

With extremely precious products, increasing the precision and in turn the efficiency of your mineral screening plant can deliver huge cost savings. 


Screeners and Separators in mineral plants can be used for a variety of different objectives such as; 

Adapting the fraction of the mineral to be treated to the size required by the next process stage.

Separate a mineral fraction by size, because there is a characteristic of the mineral that is concentrated in a specific size fraction.

When the size of the material is a required characteristic of the final product.

To ensure that the screening machine selected by a buyer is best suited it must confirm to the following criteria; 


High Force on Screen Media 

Easy Access

High Levels of Precision

Vibrascreener have produced their Gyrasift industrial vibrating screener with high quality suspension mechanisms and by applying higher levels of force to the screening area to produce a screener with high production capacity. Also by utilising easy-open and easy-clean configurations the operator benefits from a cost reduction on downtime.

The Megatex by Rotex offers the highest capacities in a single unit from their range of screeners. Specifically designed for use in mineral production plants, every multilevel mineral separator benefits from unique stacked designs for smaller footprints and has been designed to withstand extremely harsh conditions. Benefiting from their unique Gyratory Reciprocating motion they combine the benefits of the circular motion at the feed end, with the benefits of elliptical motion at the centre and the reciprocating motion at the discharge end. The use of all three motions significantly increases the force applied on the screen area and reduces agglomeration.




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