Metal Powder Screeners

Metal Powder Screener

The use of screeners in a metal powder plant are essential to a good quality output, products manufactured from metal powders such as automotive components, medical tools and machinery all rely om quality and durability. Inconsistencies in the final product can compromise the quality of the final product and can be detrimental to any plant.

Achieving a consistently accurate particle size of metal powders can be tricky but is extremely imperative. Metal Powders are prone to agglomeration which can in turn cause blockages and reduction in feed rates and/or cause further problems in the precision of the classification. 

Therefore Metal Powder Screeners must demonstrate the following qualities; 




These qualities are what numerous manufacturers across the globe are competing to achieve at the highest level with unique new technologies and screening methods to stand out as the best producer of Metal Powder Screeners.

By finding the manufacturer who has dedicated their research and development specifically for the Metal Powder industry in turn provides significant benefits.

Russel Finex a global producer of separating technology has been specialising in metal powder sieving for over 85 years. Their machine the Russel Compact Sieve is a circular vibrating screener that is ideally designed for conditioning fine metal powders. The use of their specifically designed sieve mesh, allows for high levels of conditioning whilst also being extremely compact allowing them to work well in existing production lines or transient plants. They are easy to dismantle, clean and reassemble and hence are suitable for use with different powders.

Farleygreene are able to adapt their Sievmaster Multiscreen machine with ultrasonic high frequency vibrations to improve throughputs by up to 300% due to the ultrasonic anti-blinding system implemented. As such the metal powder is prevented from agglomerating, delivering higher levels of throughput and reliability. 


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