Foundry Screeners

What Is A Foundry Screener?

You wouldn’t use a magnet to attract Gold, so don’t utilise a pharmaceutical screener in your foundry plant.

Due to the complications involved with the screened material, such as sand, selecting the correct foundry screener is extremely important.

Foundry Screeners can be used in lots of different applications from classification to the reclaiming of small metallic pieces in bi-product sand for re-processing.

As the Foundry Industry includes the production of metal castings and the recycling of scrap metals, Foundry screeners need to be;


Corrosion Resistant

High Levels of Force 


Extremely strong

These criteria are what numerous manufacturers across the globe are competing to encompass with unique new technologies and screening methods to stand out as the best producer of Foundry Screeners.

By finding the manufacturer who has dedicated their research and development specifically for the Food industry in turn provides significant benefits.

General Kinematics have developed their Vibratory Two-Mass Screener with special attention to producing a machine with high levels of force necessary to break down lumps of sand and separate fines in a product that is notably clumpy and difficult to separate into fine granules. The single motor drive is used to create vibration on the screening deck, with a specific drive angle to create screening action within a trough as well as a forward conveyance to move product through the unit.  The introduction of additional lump-breaker devices ensures that the sand lumps benefit from increased residence time causing them to disintegrate quicker.


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