Food Screeners

Food Screening

You wouldn’t use a blunt edge in food processing, so don’t use a mining separator for your food processing plant.

Screeners or separators are essential in any food processing plant to prevent contamination through the use of scalping or in the grading of products through classification and many other applications. 

Food screeners need to conform to the following criteria to be suitable;

Sanitary Design

Effective Blinding Controls  


FDA Conformity

These criteria are what numerous manufacturers across the globe are competing to encompass with unique new technologies and screening methods to stand out as the best producer of Food Screeners.

By finding the manufacturer who has dedicated their research and development specifically for the Food industry in turn provides significant benefits.

Rotex have been producing food safe screeners for the sugar industry for over 100 years because of their focus and ability to produce high levels of accuracy and extremely high product yields. Recovery efficiency is extremely important to the Sugar industry and Rotex have designed their screeners with extremely ergonomic features and designs engineered for long term service. 

Russell Finex have focused on creating an industrial screening solution for the dry ingredients of ready meals with magnetic separation. Dry ready meals are dry check-screened using the Russell Compact Sieve. This industrial screener removes oversized and foreign contaminants guaranteeing consistency powder quality and product sizing.

Kason have created a selection of food safe screeners for classification, sifting, scalping and de-watering. Their product the Vibroscreen circular screener, Centri-sifter centrifugal screener and Cross-flo static sieves are all fully compliant with FDA, USDA, 3-A, BISCC, and other stringent US and international food safety standards. Kason are subsequently capable of performing both light-duty and heavy-duty applications.


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