Feed Screeners

Feed Screeners

You wouldn’t hydrate your feed pellets with orange juice, so don’t use a construction screener to classify your feed pellets

Screeners are of paramount importance in the plant production of all types of feed from aqua to animal. 

Ensuring that the following are achieved in a feed plant not only increases efficiency but also reduces costs; 

Consistency of Pellet Size 

Removal of Impurities 

Separation of Different Pellet Sizes

Screening has been used in the feed industry since most manufacturers inception and hence there are a wide variety of manufacturers competing to offer the best solution to any application. Most of which tailor their products to each specific type of feed. 

By finding the manufacturer who has dedicated their research and development specifically for the Feed industry provides significant benefits.

Andritz gyratory screeners type SGS are designed specifically for classifying and screening pellets both aqua and animal. Inertia generated by the moving screens, combined with elliptical and reciprocating linear motions provide balance, resulting in a smooth operation with reduced  noise emission. 

Gentle Roll specialise in the removal of fines from pellets, increasing product quality whilst meeting high quality standards without damaging the product. The Gentle Roll Feed Pellet Screener is the only screener to condition pellets while sifting. Unlike other screeners that shake or vibrate, the Gentle Roll gently moves pellets through a non-vibrating, rotary system to remove fine particles and overs.

Kason have developed a new 3-in-1 system combining a Vibroscreen screener, a batch hopper and an integral feec control device that regulates the flow of material into the screener. The system is intended for applications that require screening in batches. The feed control device consists of a circular disc positioned below the flexible connector at the screener’s inlet, perpendicular to the flow of material.

Finding the screener best suited for your specific requirements couldn’t be easier with Messe365, simply select feed from the machine evaluation below and compare manufacturers from across the globe who specialise in the production of agriculture screeners. 





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