FlipScreen add hundreds of jobs in expansion with $6.6 million NSW grant

FlipScreen Australia, which produces material screening equipment for heavy industries such as mining and scrap metal recycling, will build a large-scale manufacturing facility in Wagga with the aid of the grant from the Regional Job Creation Fund.

The project is expected to create 332 jobs for the region.

FlipScreen Australia chief executive Sam Turnbull said the company was “very fortunate that there is more demand for our innovations than we are capable of supplying”. 

“These new additional manufacturing facilities will not only enable the company to fill and expand current demand, but to create our new, revolutionary WL3000 mining Flip Screen,” he said.

Wagga-based Nationals MLC Wes Fang said the funding will allow the company to kick-start the production of its 30-cubic-metre FlipScreen mining attachment that can be used for bauxite, iron ore, coal and diamond mining in Australia, the USA and other international markets.

“This project will see the world’s most advanced manufacturing technologies being used right here in Wagga to make these massive machines,” Mr Fang said.

“[FlipScreen’s WL3000 screens] weigh 48 tonnes and are able to screen up to 3000 tonnes of material per hour,” Mr Fang said.

“The new mining attachment is capable of scooping up to 50 tonnes of material and sorting it in less than a minute and is the type of Australian innovation that will revolutionise the mining industry and be in high demand around the globe.”

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